Human intelligence

Human intelligence is our hallmark. Whatever your subject, we will need to spend time with you to understand your issues and expectations, question you, reach an objective analysis of the situation, work with you to define your strategy and help achieve the best possible outcome.


We are legal experts and we love the law.

We love our profession: it combines knowledge with rigor and does not tolerate indulgence. Our knowledge is sound and constantly updated.

Interpersonal relations

We are not just legal experts.

Our knowledge of people allows us to speak to you clearly and simply, to help you identify your needs in order to anticipate the challenges and to enable you to achieve your targets.


We have lived through a number of cycles and are prepared.

Our experience in several sectors has broadened our strategic approach; it allows us to identify possible obstacles and put forward conceivable solutions along with their objective advantages and consequences.


We are partners.

We are keen to maintain regular contact with you to anticipate your needs and offer you the best possible advice. Every new client goes through an onboarding process.


We are prepared to disagree in order to bring your project to a successful conclusion.

Our independence is one of our profession’s fundamental values: we may at times be at variance with you, change our position or alert you, all with the aim of protecting you.

Collaborative intelligence

There is not one truth: there are several solutions.

You have a sound knowledge of your sector, company and profession: we will listen to you and call on everyone’s expertise and experience to provide the best possible solution.